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We have been coordinating the London COVID-19 Homeless Health Response, as a multi-agency approach to managing the health needs and minimising the transmission of COVID-19 within the homeless population in London. Please see a range of resources, information and further contacts below.

Frequently Asked Questions for hostels, and homeless hotels when dealing with COVID-19 (updated July 2021)

Roadmap easing and considerations for the London homeless sector

In light of national changes to Covid-19 restrictions, HLP held a webinar featuring a panel of homeless health experts to share considerations on Covid-19 prevention, infection and control measures and vaccinations for accommodation providers in London.

Presentation materials can be viewed here.

The live webinar took place on July 19 2021. View the recording below.


Presentation times are as below:

01:00 Jemma Gilbert, Healthy London Partnership; overview of session
04:00 Professor Andrew Hayward; what freedom day means for the homeless sector
14:00 Professor Al Story; considerations on the more transmissible Delta variant and mitigating measures
27:25 Dr Sarah Kaddour; infection prevention and control in homeless settings
40:30 St Mungo’s, Elaine Speight, Steven Davies; how hostel settings are navigating changes in guidance, maintaining Covid secure measures and how to approach communication and messaging for residents and staff
53:25 Natasha Davies, Vicki Piquet; community testing, support for providers and considerations on testing and vaccinations for people sleeping rough

See additional responses to questions submitted by webinar attendees.

Covid vaccination toolkit for homeless health

Covid-19 vaccines for London Homelessness Care and Support workers and volunteers

Frontline homelessness care and support workers, including volunteers, are a priority group for COVID-19 vaccination.

Case studies

  • The pan-London response: A podcast and a written case study on ‘Homeless health in London – the response to Covid-19’, covering the period March to early June 2020 have been created. For the podcast, click here and the written case study, click here. (both published June 2020)
  • North West London CCGs response to ‘Everyone In’ – read the report (published October 2020)

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New Covid variant information

With a new and more infectious Covid-19 variant putting infection prevention and control into event sharper focus, on 22 December 2020, HLP ran the ‘Homeless Health Covid Variant IPC’ webinar with experts Professor Andrew Hayward and Dr Al Story. Aimed at front line workers supporting those experiencing homelessness, the session analysed the new variant and its impacts and outlined effective prevention, infection and control solutions.

Below you can find a recording of the session, the presenters’ slide pack, a written log of answers to questions we did not have time to answer on the webinar, and also Tier-specific leaflets from Groundswell.

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Referrals for testing

If you have a resident showing COVID-19 symptoms, please refer to the Find and Treat Team

From Monday 20th July 2020 – if any residents have symptoms of COVID-19, please contact the Find and Treat Team by email:

Please complete this referral form available here.

For further information about what action hostels should take if they have a symptomatic case please see the frequently asked questions.

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General guidance

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Guidance for commissioners

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Moving on from hotels

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Information for hotels


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Information for hostels

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Referrals from hotels and hostels


Referrals for COVID CARE should be made using the following COVID testing/triage form and sent to Find&Treat at: The team can be contacted on: 02034479842.

All outreach referrals to CARE need to take place only with the agreement that if the client tests negative the referring team maintains responsibility.

Hospital discharge

Please refer any homeless clients who attends a site directly to StreetLink London or contact your local Homeless Outreach team.

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CHRISP health needs assessment – background and outcomes

The following documents refer to the COVID-19 Homeless Rapid Integrated Screening Protocol (CHRISP) health needs assessment tool, used during the first wave of the pandemic to screen the health and social care needs of street homeless clients who were accommodated in GLA hotels.

The CHRISP tool highlighted the need to consider all aspects of patient care: health, drug and alcohol support, and social care needs when planning discharge to move-on accommodation.

A modified Mini-CHRISP PLUS tool was also developed in July 2020 to allow non-clinical outreach workers to quickly identify those at increased risk to COVID-19 who needed to be shielded in appropriate accommodation:

Information for primary and community care

Webinar series: Homeless health, primary care and Covid

In June 2020, this HLP series featured experts with lived experience and specialist GPs:

Recommended PPE for primary, outpatient and community care by setting, NHS and independent sector

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Drug and alcohol guidance

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Mental health guidance

If staff and clients are unsure where to get crisis guidance from, they are advised to call 111 and ask for the local mental health crisis line.

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Palliative and End of life care

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For more information contact the team at

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