Work with us

By forming a partnership with us, we will support you and your teams to meet your goals, no matter your budget.

Where you need skills and people, we can supply expertise and knowledge that will have a lasting impact on your organisation long after we have gone.

By working with us, you will be reinvesting scarce resources and expertise back into the NHS so that your local communities and populations continue to see improvements to their health and care for years to come.

Procurement frameworks

TPHC is currently listed on several procurement frameworks which are available for customers to use when accessing our services.

Of course, we are not limited to these frameworks, so please contact us if you are not sure and we can talk to you about alternative ways to contract with us.  

To hear more about our work, or to arrange a chat with us please email the Consulting team at

Annual Impact Report 2023/24

About this report This report showcases projects and programmes delivered by TPHC teams in 2023/24, however, some may precede this…

Annual Impact Report 2023/24