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Homeless Health London Partnership

People experiencing homelessness are among the most vulnerable and isolated in our society, with the poorest health outcomes. Traditional systems of health and care often struggle to meet their needs. Consequently, they are more likely to die young, with an average age of death of 45.4 for men and 43.2 for women (ONS, 2021).

The Homeless Health London Partnership brings together London’s NHS ICBs, regional partners and third-sector organisations to improve access to, experience of, and outcomes from health care, for people at risk of, or experiencing homelessness. Together with these partners, we strive to prevent people from experiencing homelessness, and where prevention is not possible, that it’s brief, rare and non-recurring.

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Our values

The principles that we hold to guide the work that we do and how we do it.

Collaborative and co-productive: To work with our community to create lasting impact. Addressing challenges that are best approached on a pan-London basis, building partnerships for collective solutions.

Sharing and learning: To provide partners and stakeholders within homelessness and inclusion health with dedicated forums for mutual support and learning. Sharing good practice information to facilitate sector led improvement.

Advocacy and influence: To raise the profile of the health and social care needs of people experiencing homelessness in London. Advocating for the underserved members of society to effect change and maintain existing commitments toward improving people’s health and wellbeing.

Accessible and inclusive: To create and deliver programming that is made with the community, for the community. Ensuring everything we do is presented visually in a way that is accessible for all and in language that is person-centred and approachable.

Adaptable and agile: To respond and adapt to an everchanging environment of health, housing and social care for people experiencing homelessness. Embracing a culture of flexibility to evolve to the needs of the community.

Curious and reflective: To continuously challenge and evolve our efforts to better service people experiencing homelessness in London. Fostering an ethos of curiosity and reflection to uncover new approaches to challenges to continually improve our contributions.

Our work

Our partners’ work