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Agenda and materials presented at the #AskAboutAsthma transforming children and young people’s care event for London’s NHS.

This was a full-day programme of education, discussion and networking opportunities designed to improve the care and management of children and young people with asthma in London.

It was timed to coincide with our #AskAboutAsthma campaign – now in its second year back – which is promoting making sure all children and young people in London have an asthma plan, can use their inhaler properly and have an annual review.

It also featured a short interview session with your rap artists who have been working with our partner Key Changes as part of our #AsthmaRapChallenge competition.

1. Agenda – Using networks to transform asthma care 5 Sept 2018 (.docx)

2. Welcome, scene setting and #AskAboutAsthma campaign – Tracy Parr & Dave Finch (.pptx)

3. Sammy’s story – Growing up with asthma video

4. NEL STP – Lynda Hassell & Rita Araujo (.pptx)

5. NCL STP – Sam Rostom (.pptx)

6. NWL STP – Dave Finch (.pptx)

7. SWL STP – Richard Chavasse (.pdf)

8. SEL STP – Sharafat Ali (.pptx)

9. Schools asthma inhaler initiative – Richard Chavasse (.pptx)

10. Collaborative working with schools & medical students – Sara Nelson

11. Paediatric Critical Care in Practice – Nathan Askew (.pptx)

12. Asthma annual review -Anh Vu (.pptx)

13. Asthma inhaler pharmacy review project – Christine Kirkpatrick & Georgie Herskovits (.pptx)

14. CYPHP – Stephanie Mayo, Laura Hale & Charlene Smith (.pptx)

15. Improving asthma management through group consultations – Georgina Craig & Ana Marote (.pptx)

16. Using data for improvement across London – Sara Nelson (.pptx)

17. WSIC Asthma radar Using data to improve patient care – Rachel Meadows (.pptx)

18. What is the ECDS & how will it impact on Asthma – Giles Armstrong (.pptx)

19. Asthma as presented by Key Changes and launch of music challenge (.pptx)

20. Action plans at Homerton UH – Tammy Rothenberg (.pptx)

22. Slipping through the net -from basic care to severe asthma – Andrew Whittamore (.pptx)

23. Launch of London Paediatric Severe Asthma – Kathy Brennan, Richard Iles & Louise Fleming (.ppt)

24. Next steps – Tracy Parr & Dave Finch (.pptx)