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  1. Insight – July 2024

    Welcome It’s been an exciting time at TPHC. I am thrilled to launch our first-ever TPHC Annual Impact Report which showcases the breadth of the work we are doing across London and the NHS. The report demonstrates our proven track record in guiding organisations through complex challenges and working in partnership to overcome them. We […]

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  2. Launching TPHC’s first Annual Impact Report for 2023/24

    It’s over 18 months since Healthy London Partnership and Healthcare Consulting came together as one combined team, Transformation Partners in Health and Care, joined by the Digital Productivity team in 2023. I am extremely proud to share our first Annual Impact Report, covering 2023/24, which gives a snapshot of our work as NHS improvement and […]

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  3. #AskAboutAsthma 2020

    Thank you for all the support for our #AskAboutAsthma campaign week on keeping children’s asthma under control particularly more so this year due to the coronavirus and this second wave. Below you will find links to our blogs, podcasts, webinar recordings and slides from the campaign programme. Click here for more information including how we […]

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  4. #AskAboutAsthma Conferences

    2020 Conference Recordings 2021 Conference Recordings Welcome, introduction and background – Oliver Anglin, Clinical Director for CYP Transformation – NHSE (London) & Clinical Lead for Children and Young People – North Central London CCG​, – Jen Townshend, General and respiratory paediatrician, Great North Children’s Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne, Chief Executive of BEATAsthma​ Patient Voice – our healthcare journey – Aishah […]

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  5. #AskAboutAsthma Schedules

    As part of the #AskAboutAsthma campaign, we want everyone involved in the care of children and young people with asthma to be even more prepared for week 38 – the week where nationally there is a rise in asthma attacks following the return to school after the summer holidays. By sharing learning, resources and key […]

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  6. #AskAboutAsthma 2020 resources

    Blogs Podcasts Podcast 1 – How can community pharmacists improve care for young asthmatics? Podcast 2 – Ask the experts? Podcast 3 – Tertiary asthma care and the new referral protocol Podcast 4 – Asthma Friendly School – a how to guide Podcast 5 – Learning from asthma deaths Podcast 6 – Developing an asthma network Podcast 7  – Air quality and […]

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  7. AskAboutAsthma Toolkits

    The #AskAboutAsthma toolkits contain social media graphics and messaging, posters and suggested copy for newsletters and emails. The tailored toolkits below can be used by supporters to share the campaign locally and promote the campaign in specific settings including schools, GP practices and youth organisations. Download as many toolkits as you like from the menu […]

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  8. Helping you get the most out of your stakeholder engagement

    Learn how TPHC’s specialists are guiding our customers through tailored stakeholder engagement, helping them to reach the stakeholders they need to hear and learn from.

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  9. London Cancer Community of Practice celebrates 1st anniversary with special event

    The London Cancer Community of Practice (CoP) hosted a celebratory event on 7 March at the CLCH Academy to mark it’s one-year anniversary. The event, which was co-designed with CoP members and patient partners, was attended by leaders from NHS England and colleagues from across a range of professions, including General Practice and Community Nurses, […]

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