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A wide range of events and webinars are hosted every month to provide the latest information, guidance and training all are recorded and added to this page so you can watch later.

Below you’ll find all webinar and event recordings from our most recent events. If you’re unable to find the event you’re looking for, let us know.

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July 2023 | System Support: Using NHS Estates Creatively

This event shares ideas around how NHS estates can be used more creatively. Regional estates colleagues and a GP from SEL shared ideas around void space, optimising schedules and adapting the spaces we work in. Community health partnerships, who own many NHS estates explained how they are bringing together partners in their buildings, and how to access their spaces. A social prescribing link worker shared how they’ve accessed different spaces with several other organisations to run community pop up events, bringing health and community support into one accessible space.

May 2022 | Embedding and supporting the personalised care roles

This event gives an overview of the current and future changes to GP contracts, including DES, ARRs, the Fuller Report and its impact for the personalised care roles, as well as the latest guidance available to manage and embed the roles.

May 2022 | The Social Prescribing Innovators Programme Showcase

This event gives a summary of the approach taken by the Social Prescribing Innovators Programme in enabling meaningful improvement to Social Prescribing services, as carried out by those on the frontline. Hear about the initial impacts and learnings from those involved in the programme, as well as a panel discussion around why this work should be invested in.


Find out more about The Social Prescribing Innovators Programme here.

October 2022 | Social Prescribing and Housing

Supporting Social Prescribing clients with housing issues in London webinar and presentation


September 2022 | Supporting Social Prescribing clients with Debt and Budgeting challenges in London

As the cost of living crisis deepens significant numbers of social prescribing clients will be struggling with managing their budgets and falling into arrears with important payments such as energy, rent and council tax.

This autumn and winter social prescribing link workers can play a key role in identifying clients who need support with debt and managing their money and helping them to access it.

This webinar series is delivered by the BBBC, HLP and the Mayor of London.

June 22 | Supporting Social Prescribing Clients with Fuel Poverty in London

Following up on the first webinar of the series by the BBBC, HLP and the Mayor of London on 19th May on Improving access to benefits, rights and entitlements to contribute to tackling health inequalities in London, this webinar is particularly aimed to meet the needs of social prescribing link workers who working with clients who are facing cost of living challenges with regard to energy costs, fuel poverty, utility arrears.

June 22 | PCN support session: Co-producing a Proactive Social Prescribing Service

This session explains the proactive social prescribing service set-up, as outlined in the personalised care DES specification. It also explores what next steps could be taken to start planning this work, with all stakeholders and available assets considered.

May 22 | Better Benefits, Rights & Entitlements Access to Tackle Health Inequalities

Social Prescribing Link Workers are often working with clients struggling with social welfare legal issues but who may not realise it as they may present as ‘life events’, such as relationship breakdown, juggling payment of bills and credit, issues with their landlord or employer etc. And link workers are not always armed with the right knowledge or skills to maximise their support to their clients. And the last two years has seen an increase in the need to support in the areas of Fuel Poverty, Debt, Housing and Welfare Rights due to the crisis situation.

Supported by the Mayor of London, the HLP and BBBC are working together to organise a series of six webinars this year. The webinar series will explore examples of effective working between social welfare legal advice, General Practice and social prescribing, and focus on some of the key areas of advice such as Housing, Fuel Poverty/Fuel Debt, etc.

This webinar discusses improving access to benefits, rights and entitlements to contribute to tackling health inequalities in London.

May 22 | Social Prescribing, Employment, Adult Education, Mental Health & Loneliness

As part of Mental Health Awareness week, Healthy London Partnership (HLP) and Learning and Work Institute held an event to discuss social prescribing to adult education and employment for people with mental health needs.

This webinar brought together key stakeholders ranging from practitioners to policymakers to discuss the role of social prescribing in supporting people’s mental health needs in London by engaging them in activities related to Employment and Adult Education.

April 22 | Social Prescribing for People Living with Long Covid

A monthly, pan London session covering a knotty issue that social prescribers are tackling, focusing this time on supporting people living with Long Covid (including SPLW colleagues).

Long Covid is something that many people may have come across – either at work or in their personal lives. It is a condition that leaves people feeling highly unable to do the things that are important and meaningful for them.

April 22 | PCN advisor connect & share: Population health and the PC ARRS roles

This session demonstrates how the personalised care ARRS roles fit into a population health approach to tackle health inequalities. It explains ‘why population health?’ and the importance of social determinants in improving the health and wellbeing of the nation as well as relieving pressure on the NHS. A local case study of how community approaches and developing specialists ARRS roles can reduce inequalities at a PCN level is also showcased.

Mar 22 | Proactive outreach and community development in the work of SPLWs.

A monthly, pan London session covering a knotty issue that social prescribers are tackling, focusing this time on proactive outreach and community development aspects of SPLW role.

Watch the recording to hear interesting examples of the proactive outreach to certain vulnerable  groups and be inspired and confident to engage in community development activities

March 22 | PCN advisor connect & share: Spotlight on Health and Wellbeing Coaches

This session focuses on how Health and Wellbeing Coaches can support patients through behaviour change and coaching techniques and their value to general practice. It shares how best to support, supervise and train HWBCs, some of the challenges and how they can be overcome as well as showcasing best practice.

Feb 22 | PCN advisor connect & share: Spotlight on Care Coordinators

This session focuses on how care coordinators can be best used as part of the personalised care team and wider PCN structure to tackle health inequalities. It shares current challenges to embedding care coordinators, how these can be overcome and best practice across London.

Jan 22 | Using the three ARRS roles for the current climate

This workshop session for PCN managers and those involved in embedding the ARRS roles i) Gave examples of how social prescribing link workers, care coordinators and health and wellbeing coaches are supporting COVID-19 ii) supported participants to brainstorm challenges and solutions to using these roles effectively.

Dec 21 | Working alongside the other ARRS roles

This learning sessions gives an overview of the job roles of Social prescribing link workers, Care coordinators and Health and wellbeing coaches, as well as how they can work together.

Nov 21 | Social Prescribing for People with Cancer

A monthly, pan London session covering a knotty issue that social prescribers are tackling, focusing this time on social prescribing for people with cancer. Open to all SPLWs & managers in London, expect your peers to be presenting on best practice (this section will be recorded), discussion and problem solving.

Nov 21 | PCN advisor sessions: Embedding the three personalised care ARRS roles

This monthly share and learn session (for CDs, PCN Managers, Practice Managers and anyone charged with embedding the three roles) covers how social prescribing link workers, health and wellbeing coaches and care coordinators can work together in PCNs to reduce health inequalities. The second half of the session was open discussion around some of the challenges and barriers PCNs are coming up against in embedding these three roles.

October 21 | Peer Learning for London Caseload management & ending professional relationship with a client

Aug 21 | Supporting migrant communities and people with refugee status

Find out what social prescribing approaches exist in the UK to support migrant populations and how they improve migrants’ health and wellbeing.

Discussions include the findings from a recent Public Health England evidence review that helped to inform a new social prescribing page for the Migrant Health Guide on GOV.UK.

The guide contains recommendations for social prescribing link workers, commissioners, service managers, service evaluators and researchers. Alongside this, the Greater London Authority commissioned Doctors of the World UK to produce a toolkit for link workers to assist migrants to access healthcare.

Jul 21 | Personalised Care for London: Using your three ARRS roles effectively

As the teams of Social Prescribing Link Workers, Health and Well Being Coaches and Care Co-ordinators are growing in primary care, it is helpful to think through the roles and how they might work best together.

During this session we discuss the three personalised care practitioner roles, look at how they are being utilised in practice and share tips on how you might implement them in your own PCN.

Jul 21 | Using outcome measures & presenting the impact of your work

This webinar focuses on presenting London best practice examples related to measuring outcomes and presenting them to PCNs and other stakeholders.

Jul 21 | Using Social Prescribing in tackling vaccine cautiousness

Social Prescribing and Primary Care colleagues share how Social Prescribing Link Workers have been instrumental in increasing vaccine confidence across communities, and some great examples of best practice.

Jun 21 | Motivation Interviewing for Social Prescribing

Watch this 20-minute overview about Motivational Interviewing to pick up some practical tools, top tips and useful resources to support your conversations with patients.

May 21 | Developing Social Prescribing allies within your PCN

A group of social prescribing link workers, their managers and some clinical staff from Primary Care, gathered to discuss the components of developing social prescribing allies with PCNs, sharing examples of their work and discussing top tips to overcome challenging situations.


Mar 21 | Covid-19 Vaccine and Vaccine Hesitancy – Training for Social Prescribing Link Workers (SPLWs)

Training for Social Prescribing Link Workers in London, focusing on the subject of Covid-19 vaccines and hesitancy – providing information and support to increase SPLWs confidence in this subject and provide people with the tools that leave them feeling empowered to have better informed conversations.

Dec 20 | Inaugural ‘Town Hall’ event – Impact, Challenges and Future of Social Prescribing

We hosted the inaugural ‘Town Hall’ style event for Social Prescribing in London. Primarily focused on Link Workers, but bringing together the wider social prescribing system, we reflected on the challenges, celebrated the impact, and discussed how social prescribing will thrive going forward. You can still benefit from this event.



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