Personalised care

“Probably the biggest cultural shift in medicine for generations,”

Martin Marshall, Chair, Royal College of GPs

Since 2016 Transformation Partners in Health and Care (formerly Healthy London Partnership) has been leading the development of Social Prescribing in London, one of the core components of the NHS Universal Personalised Care model. Together with our partners, we have played a key role in influencing policy, supporting local strategy, developing evidence, supporting the workforce, and driving innovation in personalised care and social prescribing. 

Our vision is to ensure all Londoners can access high-quality Personalised Care, a vital tool in tackling health inequalities and creating thriving, resilient and more cohesive communities. We prioritise coproduction in all our work and ensure that our activities are informed by the needs of local health and care systems to ensure Social Prescribing remains sustainable. 

Our focus is on embedding and expanding Social Prescribing, Health & Wellbeing Coaches and Care Coordinators within primary care networks (PCNs). We coordinate the NHS London Social Prescribing Network, and provide learning opportunities and support to the 300+ social prescribing link workers based in Primary Care Networks across the capital.  We help to promote the value and impact of Social Prescribing and the link worker role through communications and engagement including, animations, films, events and our Twitter channel @SP_LDN.  

Find out more about our work to support personalised care and the people who deliver it by clicking on the tiles below. 

Our role in personalised care

We provide leadership and support to the London system; including NHS England, Integrated Care Systems (ICS) and Primary Care Networks (PCN) to help spread and scale personalised care. We also lead the London Social Prescribing partnership and improvement collaborative, connecting system partners including health, social care, public health, VCSE, Greater London Authority (GLA) and other partners across London to facilitate cross sector collaboration.

  • Our focus is on the spread, scale-up and sustainability of Social Prescribing in London by:
  • Supporting the workforce through recruitment and retention initiatives
  • Supporting ICSs and PCNs to develop Social Prescribing Strategies
  • Driving innovation in Social Prescribing
  • Communicating the benefits and the impact of Social Prescribing

Meet the TPHC Personalised Care Team.


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