#AskAboutAsthma 2024

This year’s campaign week takes place from 9-15 September 2024

NHS England – London’s #AskAboutAsthma campaign returns in September for its eighth year to raise awareness around childhood asthma and how to manage it.

#AskAboutAsthma highlights the simple changes to children and young people’s care that will make a big difference to how they experience their asthma. Led by NHS England – London’s Babies, Children and Young People programme, the aim is for every person involved in the care of a child or young person with asthma – from GPs and nurses to parents/carers, teachers and youth group leaders – to know about the four asks that can help every person to manage their condition and live full, active lives.

Details about this year’s campaign will be added to this page over the coming months. You can also catch up on our previous campaigns here

#AskAboutAsthma campaign aims

As part of the #AskAboutAsthma campaign, we want everyone involved in the care of children and young people with asthma to be even more prepared for week 38 – the week where nationally there is a rise in asthma attacks following the return to school after the summer holidays. By sharing learning, resources and key information, we can help even more children and young people to ask about asthma and get the right care in place.

The #AskAboutAsthma campaign encourages children and young people, their families, and those involved in their care, to ensure four simple and effective measures to help them control their asthma:

Campaign theme

This year’s theme is focusing on helping children and young people with asthma to live their best lives. Asthma should not limit children and young people’s lives in any way and good asthma control means having no symptoms.

Children and young people with asthma should be supported to manage their condition in all areas of their lives – at home, school/college, and in the community. Following the 4 asks can help children and young people to live their best lives.

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To learn more about getting involved, contact: england.cyptransformationldn@nhs.net.

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