Case studies

Case studies describing improvement projects focused on managing asthma for children and young people are featured here.  We are grateful to all the teams involved for sharing their work.

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Islington (Whittington Health)

Young people may benefit from self-management programmes. The Islington Self-Management Asthma pilot, conducted by Whittington Health NHS Trust, examined the impact of a self-management programme on 14-17 year olds with asthma. Results showed a meaningful increase in skills, knowledge and confidence among the young people to manage their own asthma.

Islington CCG

Islington CCG have used Tom’s story to show benefits of integrated care networked for children and young people: Integrated care networks for CYP asthma


Learn more about Croydon Children’s Asthma Service. Download their supporting materials (Zip folder).


Itchy Sneezy wheezy project is a collaborative project between West London, Central London and Hammersmith & Fulham Clinical Commissioning Groups.  This was initially funded by the NIHR CLAHRC. Now extending to all NW London and other UK regions. Download their supporting materials (Zip folder)

St George’s University Hospital

Click to view St George’s University Hospital asthma pathway

Greater Manchester, Lancashire and South Cumbria

Royal Brompton nurse-led visits 

A case study on the importance of nurse-led home visits in the assessment of children with problematic asthma.

Speak up for Asthma Programme in schools

‘Speak up for asthma’ program for school children in London conducted by Asthma + Lung UK, University College London Medical School, The Royal Free NHS London Foundation Trust.

Southwark and Lambeth children and young people’s health partnership

A case study on Southwark and Lambeth children and young people’s health partnership

SystmOne Asthma template (North west London)

Reshaping the CWHHE SystmOne Asthma Template: a basic asthma template had been available since 2011 within SystmOne but had significant deficiencies. This project reshaped and developed the tool. Partners involved: Hounslow CCG, Central CCG, H&F CCG, West CCG, Ealing CCG.

Asthma group consultation case studies:

A selection of case studies focussing on the process and benefits of group consultations for CYP asthma can be found here.