#AskAboutAsthma 2020

Thank you for all the support for our #AskAboutAsthma campaign week on keeping children’s asthma under control particularly more so this year due to the coronavirus and this second wave.

Below you will find links to our blogs, podcasts, webinar recordings and slides from the campaign programme.

Click here for more information including how we developed the 2020 campaign theme.



Podcast 1 – How can community pharmacists improve care for young asthmatics?

Podcast 2 – Ask the experts?

Podcast 3 – Tertiary asthma care and the new referral protocol

Podcast 4 – Asthma Friendly School – a how to guide

Podcast 5 – Learning from asthma deaths

Podcast 6 – Developing an asthma network

Podcast 7  – Air quality and asthma – what have we learned from Covid-19

Webinar recordings and slides

Role of pharmacy for children and young peoples asthma during Covid, 14 Sept 2020

Raj Matharu – Welcome, context and vision: incorporating pharmacy into acute/elective teams

Bipin Patel – Joining up primary and community asthma care: Bexley CYP inhaler pilot

A film about the Bexley Pharmacy pilot, which aimed to provide pharmacists with an online tool to review patients with asthma from 5 to 25 years old.

Darush Attar – Responding to Covid-19: remote inhaler technique training

Marsha Alter – Looking to the future: what do patients want from their pharmacists and how technology can improve care

Webinar Slides

Supporting the older child: transition to adult care and the relationship between anxiety and asthma, 15 September 2020

AskAboutAsthma 2020 – in the time of Covid-19, 16 September 2020

How specialist nurses can support 3 asks and improve asthma care across the system, 17 September 2020

Why is good primary care essential for children and young people’s asthma, 18 September 2020

See the 2020 evaluation including feedback and impact of this year’s campaign.