This page contains information and resources to support pharmacists to conduct a clinical audit

Clinical audit is an essential component of any pharmacy service whether in hospital or the community. Community pharmacies have this built into their contract.

Useful resources

The community pharmacy offer for improving the publics health – Local Government Association and Public Health England

  See the Pharmaceutical Service Negotiating Committee website for further information

 The community pharmacy offer for improving the public’s health

Example Prescribing Incentive Scheme – to improve the quality, safety and cost effectiveness of repeat prescribing. We thank Central London CCP for this resource.

Examples of asthma audits and case studies from London


 Audit of management of asthma patients on Inhaled corticosteroids report

 Data collection forms child and adult

  CQUIN data entry form

 Croydon Hospital discharge pharmacy referral forms

 Croydon squad teaching cards

More information can be found in the Case Studies section of the toolkit.


 Haringey Prescribing Incentive Scheme


 Islington asthma audit

 Islington placebo pack insert

 Top 5 tips for pharmacy

Examples of prescribing guidelines for Asthma Management

 Asthma prescribing guidelines for under 5’s

 Asthma prescribing guidelines for 5-12’s

 Asthma prescribing guidelines for over 12s  

 PrescQipp respiratory care webkit

 PrescQipp offers a number of inhaler technique assessment tools