Health and care in the community

What the programme does

The Health and Care in the Community (HCIC) Programme is an NHS London Region programme providing leadership, coordination and assurance to support people to live well in the place that’s best for them – where possible their own home.

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1.      How we support Londoners

The programme helps support Londoners to achieve this in a number of ways, working with the NHS and social care organisations to:

  • Join up the different parts of the health and care system to ensure that people can receive coordinated, proactive, personalised care at home
  • Help people stay well in their home when they’re experiencing a health or care crisis
  • Minimise and avoid unnecessary hospital admissions by offering high quality, consistent alternatives
  • Enable people to move through their hospital stay as quickly as possible
  • Discharge people from hospital – when it is safe to do so – and help them stay well and supported at home
  • Use data to identify inequalities in access, and support our stakeholders to reduce those inequalities.

2.      How we achieve our outcomes

The HCIC programme makes this happen by:

  • Helping improve patient flow in London and preventing non-elective hospital admissions
  • Supporting community services to keep people well and out of hospital
  • Disseminating knowledge and best practice across London’s health and care system
  • Supporting and working with organisations that manage patient flow to interpret their local data
  • Helping inform commissioning intentions and policy developments
  • Support colleagues in social care settings to keep their clients and residents safe.

3.      How we work

  • Work together: We build partnerships with colleagues across health and social care in order to more effectively achieve our aims, breaking down silos where possible.
  • Transformation focussed: In our function as a regional team, we build projects and programmes with a wide range of partners, adopt suitable service improvement and transformation methodologies to deliver them, and provide an assurance and intelligence gathering function.
  • Share learnings: Having links into system partners across London, as well as our colleagues in other regions puts us in a great position to share learning and resources, and to make connections to help local systems to achieve breakthroughs with complex problems.

4. Explore Health and Care in the Community

Follow the links below to find out more about each of the workstreams within the HCIC programme:

5. Meet the team

Take a look at the people that make up the Health and Care in the Community team by visiting our meet the team page.