Digital Social Care Transformation

We’re working to improve the experience and outcomes of Londoners by using digital technology to support integration between health and social care.

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How we achieve our outcomes

We lead regional delivery of Digital Social Care Transformation priorities, including:

  1. Better Security Better Care (BSBC) / Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) – rollout of DSPT to over 3,000 social care sites in London, enabling them to demonstrate compliance with law and best practice around data security and information sharing
  2. NHSmail in Social Care – offer for social care providers that do not have secure email to obtain shared and personal NHSmail accounts, enabling secure and efficient communication across the health and social care system
  3. Proxy Ordering of Repeat Medication – supporting care home staff to order online repeat medication on behalf of their residents, which allows for easier and faster access to medication ordering and enables staff to dedicate more time to caring for their residents
  4. London Care Record (also know as Shared Care Records) in social care – two-way sharing of data between social care and NHS provider records to support delivery of better and more joined up care

How we work

Working closely with London’s 5 Integrated Care Systems (ICSs), we support delivery of Digital Social Care Transformation priorities through:

  • Provision of funding to support local delivery
  • Liaison between national commissioning teams and local commissioners and providers
  • Sharing of information, resources, challenges and best practice
  • Analysis of data to monitor programme delivery and identify opportunities
  • Convening key partnership meetings (Integrated Digital Care and Health Network Meeting, and Joint Digital Oversight Group Meeting) ensuring effective working with regional stakeholders
  • Direct support and advice for social care providers and local commissioners around the projects listed above

For further information about any of our work, please email

Who we work with

  • Digital Social Care
  • LondonADASS (Association of Directors of Adult Social Services)
  • Local Authority and NHS Commissioners
  • Social Care Providers and Provider Representatives

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