Anticipatory care in London

What is anticipatory care?

Anticipatory Care will provide proactive and personalised health and care for people with multiple long-term conditions, including frailty, delivered through multi-disciplinary teams in local communities. Our team is working with local systems to ensure that care can be delivered this way in London from April 2023.

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  1. How we support Londoners
  2. How we achieve our outcomes
  3. How we work
  4. Who we work with

How we support Londoners

We support the development of anticipatory care in London in two key ways:

  • Deliver the regional programme that supports systems to develop their local anticipatory care offers.
  • Reduce unwarranted variation in the development and roll-out of anticipatory care models in London.

How we achieve our outcomes

The regional anticipatory care team is going to make this happen by:

  • Collecting base-line information on the current provision of anticipatory care in London
  • Supporting the scaling and spread of good practice
  • Sharing evaluation and learning from anticipatory care pilots
  • Developing London models of care
  • Interface with national team and local systems, and partner with other regional programmes
  • Partnership working across Health and Care system.

How we work

This is a new workstream. We will work with systems to enable local delivery of anticipatory care in line with national requirements and local priorities.

Our focus will be on helping local systems to understand the requirements of the national framework, conduct local gap analyses to understand the scale of the challenge, and share learning to help ensure a joined-up and consistent approach.

Who we work with

Currently this programme is being coordinated regionally in conjunction with ICS leads, who are responsible for overseeing the development of anticipatory care locally.

We also work closely with other regional programmes whose aims and outputs overlap closely with those of this workstream, for example the Personalised Care programme.