This page offers tools and advice on ways to involve your community pharmacist in improving the care of children and young people

Bexley CCG, with the support of Healthy London Partnership and Bexley’s Local Pharmaceutical Committee, have been running a project to improve children and young people’s control and management of their asthma through the use of opportunistic inhaler reviews conducted by pharmacists with patients visiting the pharmacy.

We have created a film that describes the project for pharmacists or commissioners interested in undertaking similar work

Watch the Twitter version

More tools to support you

There are many additional tools to support you in running the project in your area:

One pager on the Asthma inhaler pharmacy project

Pharmacy user guide for the digital platform

Pharmacy training slides

Sample poster to display in pharmacy window

Sample poster to display in GP surgery

GP training slides

GP letter

Evaluation of the pilot in Bexley

More information about medicines use reviews for pharmacists, including adherence information, can be found in our asthma toolkit