Information on how to use inhalers and more supporting resources for pharmacies

Good inhaler technique is important in order to ensure the drug is delivered correctly and most of the medicines reaches the lungs rather than the back of the throat. Good technique is associated with less emergency department attendances. It is important to encourage children and young people to use a spacer device and healthcare professionals need to ensure the correct type is chosen.

How do I help a child use their inhaler?

1. Check the spacer fits the inhaler

2. Put one puff of the inhaler into the spacer and breathe in deeply through the mouthpiece

3. Ask the child to hold their breath for 10 seconds (or for as long as is comfortable) then breathe out slowly

4. It is best to take at least two deeply held breaths for each puff of the inhaler

5. Children who find it difficult to take deep breaths can breathe in and out of the mouthpiece several times

6. Repeat the steps above for each dose/puff needed

7. Wash the spacer once a month with washing up liquid – leave it to drip-dry

8. Spacers should be replaced yearly

Tools to help use inhalers

The Hands-on Guide to Practical Paediatrics team has put together instructional videos on how to use different inhalers:


Croydon Hospital at Home (CHAH) Inhaler Chart

Developed in January 2021, CHAH asthma has developed this downloadable inhaler chart showing how long a preventer inhaler should last according to the prescribed dose.




Supply of Salbutamol inhalers to schools – pharmacy guide

New legislation allows inhalers to be purchased for emergency use in schools, see the downloadable guide for further details.


Barking Havering and Redbridge have produced guidance to support the stepwise review of combination inhaled corticosteroid therapy for adults (≥18yrs) in asthma.


The children, parents and carers section of the London asthma toolkit also has information on inhalers.