Tools to help use inhalers and more supporting resources for pharmacies

Tools to help use inhalers

Inhalers and the green agenda

London’s CYP asthma pharmacy group, a subgroup of the London Asthma Leadership and Implementation Group, have developed two leaflets on inhalers and the green agenda. Launched in November 2022, these detail what young asthma patients and their families can do to protect the environment and how professionals can inform themselves and advise their patients in relation to the environmental impact of inhalers:

Dose counters for inhalers

Patients and families can find it difficult to tell if their inhaler is empty if it does not have a dose counter. This leaflet from Beat asthma provides some helpful tips.

Preventer inhaler chart

CHAH (Croydon Hospital at Home) asthma has developed this downloadable inhaler chart showing how long a preventer inhaler should last according to the prescribed dose.

The children, young people and families section of the London asthma toolkit also has information on inhalers.