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Toolkit for NHS trusts: supporting the NHS to reduce its impact on air pollution

Case studies and examples to support trusts to reduce their impact on air pollution.

London suffers from high levels of air pollution. Air pollution acts as a trigger for many children and young people with asthma, contributing to ED and intensive care admissions, and possibly some asthma deaths.

To provide support for this, we have produced the NHS Organisations: Air pollution reduction toolkit. This describes simple and free changes NHS organisations can make to reduce their contribution to London’s air pollution. For more information visit Air Quality.

The Mayor of London is trying to improve air quality through his Air Quality Strategy. Healthcare activity can contribute to air pollution in the form of journeys made to NHS premises  in petrol and diesel vehicles. We are supporting NHS organisations to reduce their contribution to air pollution through the HLP air pollution reduction toolkit. This provides simple suggestions for how NHS organisations can reduce their contribution to air pollution. These are classified as:

  • Solutions which are free to implement
  • Proposals which can save money for organisations
  • Ideas which may cost money and could be funded through charity funds

The kit pulls together a range of ideas that your trust can implement. The innovations range from those that are quick, easy and free to implement to those that may require more work to implement or some additional funding. We have also outlined some innovations that can help you to save your organisation money. All the innovations have been taken from case studies which have been implemented elsewhere or from research which proves they are effective.