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Commissioners can use this document to create a business case to take to their board to help develop a lymphoedema service in their area.

The template business case is a practical tool based on, and to be used alongside, the commissioning guidance for lymphoedema services published in August 2016. Although the template business case focuses on the commissioning of services for adults living with and beyond cancer, it can be used for the commissioning of all lymphoedema services, whether cancer related or not.

Lymphodema services can be commissioned at a Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) or local area level. Our cancer team recommends that a comprehensive lymphoedema service is commissioned at STP level. This service should align with STP objectives and have the appropriate support for implementation. We believe this approach will be the most sustainable, will deliver better economic benefits, and will ultimately produce better outcomes for patients.

Within this document there are sections where commissioners need to add in local information, and these sections are clearly highlighted. Commissioners can delete sections and appendices if they are not required and can also use their own branding on the document.