This page contains resources to support young people under the age of 13, including coping with COVID-19 and general worries about your mental health.


Advice on Coronavirus & Mental Health

  • Good thinking is a digital mental wellbeing support for London. This section of the website provides mental health tips for children and young people, health and care professionals, older people, parents and carers and non-English speaking communities.

Coping with the pandemic (Children 7-12 years)

  • Course for children by Recovery College Online which includes multiple lessons which explains what the coronavirus is, how to stay healthy, tips for your mental health and more.

It’s okay to worry about coronavirus resource for children under 12 

  • A resource pack for children under 12 years old to help manage difficult feelings about coronavirus. It includes relaxation techniques and ‘coping card’ which can be printed out and used as reminders.

Our feelings diary

  • Partnership for Children have created a ‘feels diary’ for children so they can identify and understand emotions better. The activity sheet allows them to draw a picture and write down a sentence, and parents can talk to them about this.

Dealing with change

  • Partnership for Children have provided an activity for parents to do with children, which encourages the child to write down positive and negative changes they are dealing with. This allows opportunity for conversations on how to make them feel better as well as good things that are happening.


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