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Schools mental health toolkit

Welcome to the Mental Health in Schools Toolkit. It has been developed in partnership with the Greater London Authority. Supporting children with their emotional wellbeing and mental health is a growing priority for health services and for schools. We encourage school leaders and staff, health care professionals and commissioners to use the toolkit for a wide range of information and guidance on how to promote emotional wellbeing and mental health within schools.

Navigate the toolkit using the information hubs below to find content and resources on mental health. Hubs have been curated for children and young people (CYP), parents and carers of CYP, and education professionals working with CYP, as well as general information and resources to support your own communications.

For information on urgent mental health support in London, visit our NHS urgent mental health support page.

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Contact the CYP mental health team with any feedback or suggestions to add to the Schools Mental Health toolkit:


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