This page offers an overview of online resources for teachers to use to promoting mental health and wellbeing during classes.

Advice on COVID-19 for places of education

The Public Health Agency (Northern Ireland) have created a poster/infographic for places of education which includes advice how to stop the coronavirus from spreading and what you can do if you are feeling unwell.

Helping children transition back to nursery

The Anna Freud Centre provide information on 8 ways parents and carers can help children manage the transition back to nursery.

Anna Freud – resources for schools

Child mental health experts have developed a booklet series aimed at supporting all staff working in school settings.

Boing Boing 

Boing Boing offer a range of tools and advice on promoting resilience in young people. The resources are free to download and use and they organise a number of events for schools around the theme of resilience development to promote academic attainment.

Healthy Schools London – Award Programme and Resources

Healthy Schools London is an Awards Programme that will reach out to every London child, working with schools to improve children and young people’s well-being. Schools can attain Bronze, Silver and Gold levels and there is an annual celebration event. The website sets out the criteria for the different levels of award. The website has a range of additional resources and links for schools.

Pooky – Information and Training Resources

Dr Pooky Knightsmith, the Vice Chair of the Children and Young People’s Mental Health Coalition has developed a range of materials, many of them specifically aimed at schools. The site gives a range of information and links to further resources. There are videos available through the website that are free to use to schools. There is a particular emphasis around issues of self-harm and eating disorders.

Mentally Healthy Schools – Teaching resources

Mentally Healthy Schools’ website gives a range of teaching resources and ideas for:

  • Social and Emotional Skills
  • Assembly Plans
  • Lesson Plans and PSHE Resources
  • Whole School Programmes
  • Small Group Work
  • Other Resources

Mindfulness Training

The Mindfulness in Schools Project gives basic information on mindfulness and how it can be employed in education settings. The website leads teachers through the process of learning mindfulness themselves, which is the first step before teaching it. A range of training courses are available through the Project.

National Association of Head Teachers NAHT – Professional Development

The National Association of Head Teachers runs courses and seminars on supporting pupils with emotional wellbeing and mental health problems. Information is available on their website.

Oak Academy Teacher Hub

Oak National Academy has a ‘Teacher Hub’ where educational professionals can access prioirty units and lessons, quizzes, worksheets, lesson plans and more. You can also share full lessons directly to pupils.

Place2be – Teaching resources and assembly plans

On the Place2be website you can find additional resources for use in assemblies or in the classroom for both primary and secondary schools.

PSHE Association – Preparing lessons

The PSHE Association gives guidance on preparing lessons regarding mental health and emotional wellbeing, including:

  • Why it is important to teach about mental health and emotional wellbeing
  • Building teaching about mental health into a planned PSHE programme
  • Promoting wellbeing and resilience from an early age
  • Ensuring teaching is appropriate to the age and maturity of pupils
  • Key principles in teaching about mental health and emotional wellbeing safely and confidently
  • Using visitors to the classroom to support lessons
  • Addressing challenging mental health issues such as eating disorders, self-harm and suicide

Lesson plans are designed to be used in conjunction with the guidance, with topics including teaching children how to describe emotions, talk about anxiety and worries, and develop coping strategies. Lessons aimed at key stages 3 and 4 also cover eating disorders, self-harm and depression and anxiety.


REPREZENT is an award-winning youth development organisation and media platform. The majority of teachers are unaware of available support services, and untrained in Mental Health First Aid/support. Reprezent can equip pupils and teachers with exercises and methodologies to manage mental health problems and improve wellbeing.

Supporting mental health and wellbeing of pupils and students during periods of disruption

The Anna Freud Centre is a world leading mental health charity for children, young people and their families. They have created a guide to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of pupils and students during periods of disruption.

Support for catch-up planning

Oak National Academy is an online classroom made by teachers for teachers, parents and children. They provide over 10,000 high quality video lessons and resources which cover a wide range of subjects for children’s remote learning. The lessons also have quizzes, worksheets and creative activities which can be accessed on many devices.

Talk About Alcohol Teacher Workbook

This Guidance has been developed by Talk about Alcohol and the Alcohol Education Trust. It is endorsed by several organisations including PSHE.

It provides a range of detailed background information about alcohol. It includes detailed lesson plans and guidance on how to engage pupils into discussion at age appropriate levels.

Time to Change

Time to Change are a pressure organisation aimed at reducing the stigma associated with mental health problems. They are supported by MIND and Rethink Mental Illness.They have produced a range of materials and information, including those for use in the classroom and at assemblies.

Young Minds – Teaching Resources and Training

Young Minds produce a wide range of training resources for use in schools. These include:

  • Building academic resilience
  • Supporting parents
  • Transitions from primary to secondary school

Schools can join the 360 schools community and receive new information and tips from Young Minds. Young Minds also offer a wide range of training courses for head teachers and other school staff.

The Curly Hair Project

The Girl With The Curly Hair is a character created by Alis to communicate the feelings and thoughts of a person who has autism. A full set of resources are available for subscribers, if you are not a subscriber to The Curly Hair Project, please visit The Curly Hair Project subscription page.

They also have amazing animations which are short films and explainer videos to help the world understand autism. To find out visit