Mental health crisis support

Every NHS mental health trust in London has put in place a mental health helpline, so children, young people and their families can get help quickly when they need it. Professionals are also able to access these crisis lines if they are concerned about or would like advice about a child, young person, or family.

Telephone numbers for all London boroughs, as well as other support available, can be viewed on our urgent mental health support webpage.

You can also visit Good Thinking’s How to Get Urgent Support page for information on NHS 24/7 helplines, charity helplines and other resources and NHS support.


If you feel extremely distressed and worried that you might not be able to keep yourself safe, there is lots of urgent support available, including 24/7 NHS mental health helplines in every London borough. If you’re in immediate danger and it’s a medical emergency, call 999 straight away.


Urgent mental health crisis support