Personal stories

Facing COVID-19 with Asperger’s: Chris’ story

Chris gives insight into how adopting a new routine and writing things down has helped in dealing the pandemic.

Adjusting to a new way of living: Alis Rowe, autistic creator and entrepreneur

This blog was written by Alis Rowe who founded The Curly Hair Project, a social enterprise that supports people on the autistic spectrum. Alis provides advice on how to adjust to change such as having structure, keeping fit and finding new things to do.

GCSEs 2020: A student’s perspective

This article talks about GCSE’s in 2020 from a student’s perspective and provides insight on how to keep going when struggling with mental health in relation to exams and isolating.

Self-isolation: Callum’s story (age 12)

This is a story by Callum (aged 12) who explains what it is like having to miss school to self isolate. It touches on topics such as missing friends and activities and how to keep connected during this difficult period.


Education in the time of coronavirus: Emma Murray – Headteacher

Emma Murray (Headteacher) shares how leadership skills during the time of lockdown helped her to hold on to her values and priorities, way beyond education.

Supporting students through coronavirus: Mhairi Underwood, Head of Community at The Student Room

Mhairi Underwood shares how The Student Room, the UK’s largest online student community, is supporting children and young people to connect and support each other through uncertainty, with a focus on maintaining hope that things will get better.

Education and COVID-19

This is a set of podcasts recorded in the context of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and the challenges faced by Londoners because of this. This episode, talks about education and the impact of Covid-19.