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Young People under the age of 13

Coping with the pandemic (Children 7-12 years)

It’s okay to worry about coronavirus- Resource for children under 12

The Stay Home Superheroes Book

How to look after your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak

Every Mind Matters

Our feelings diary

Dealing with change

Young People- over 13 years old 

Good Thinking

Advice on Coronavirus & Mental Health

General mental wellbeing advice for young people

Advice on How to face uncertain times and focus on the positives

How to stay mentally healthy at university

More advice for young people

Anna Freud – Advice on Self-care

Resilience, Mindful Living and Wellbeing for 14-25 year olds

How to look after your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak

Mental health and self-care for young people

Coronavirus advice for children and young people

Practical advice for mental health support during the pandemic

It’s okay to worry about coronavirus- Resource for teenagers

Coping with uncertainty about school and exams

Our feelings diary

RZL Home Learning

Advice and support with your concerns: Mental Health and Wellbeing 

Eating Disorders

How to manage eating disorders

BEAT- Eating Disorders and Coronavirus

PHE- Our Healthy year resources

Anxiety and worrying

Audio: Anxiety control training

How to overcome fear & anxiety

Advice for children and young people who are being bullied

When I worry about things

Self-help guidesBooks

COVID, Anxiety & Stress

Ways to feel better

Worry jar

Anxiety- Things You Can Do

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)

How to manage anxiety and OCD during the pandemic

OCD and Coronavirus Survival Tips

Tips for coping with OCD during the coronavirus pandemic

What Are Signs of OCD in Children and Teens?

Young minds- Advice and Help with OCD

RCPCH Advice for carer’s children in care children & young people who receive counselling and support

Advice for children in careAdvice for young carers

Advice for children and young people who receive counselling and other support

Young people – living with ADHD

Advice for young people with ADHD

ADDISS – National Attention Deficit Disorder Information and Support Service Website

Coping under pressure – Stress

Coping with exams being cancelled

10 stress busters

Student stress: self-help tips

Low mood and Depression

Audio Guide-

Help with Supporting Your Child with Low Mood and Depression

Suicidal thoughts & Self harm

Young Minds Website – Interactive Workshop

Papyrus Website – Advice & Guidance on Suicidal Thoughts & Self Harm

The Calm Zone Website – Advice, Helpline, Webchat & Support regarding Self Harm & Suicide

Childline Website

The Samaritans Website

Ideas and activities to help your mood

Things to do During Lockdown

Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors During Lockdown

Go Noodle – movement and mindfulness

Joe Wicks (The Bodycoach) Workouts & Healthy Eating Tips

UK active kids

Interactive games- CBBC Website

Interactive games- CBeebies Website

Food a fact of life

Sleep problems

Audio: Sleep problems

Young Minds – Advice on Sleep problems


Support after sudden bereavement

Child Bereavement UK – Supporting bereaved children and young people

Young Minds – Advice with Grief and loss

Action for Children – Advice on How can I help my child when someone dies?

Returning to education after lockdown

A safe return to learning-primary school

Returning to School – Help For Students After Lockdown

My Back-to-School Bubble book.