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  1. Case studies

    Case studies describing improvement projects focused on managing asthma for children and young people are featured here.  We are grateful to all the teams involved for sharing their work. To provide further case studies or examples of best practice, please contact our team on:   Islington (Whittington Health) Young people may benefit from self-management […]

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  2. Workforce

    All those coming into contact with children and young people (CYP) with asthma need to have the competence, knowledge, skills and confidence to care for them. The National Bundle of Care (NBC) for CYP with asthma has a section on training and competencies (National Capabilities Framework for professionals who care for CYP with asthma). Online tiered training courses relating […]

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  3. Whole system asthma pathways

    Some areas of London have developed clinical pathways of care to ensure seamless management of CYP with asthma across a wider area. These pathways incorporate community and primary care through to specialist tertiary care, including details of referral to different services. Excellent local examples of pathways of care include:

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  4. Integrated Care System Asthma Networks

    A network is a forum which brings together a community of health and social care professionals, commissioners, patients, parents/carers and others to work in partnership with the shared goal of improving care for children and young people (CYP) with asthma. Members are able to collaborate across organisations and patient pathways to identify gaps in care […]

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  5. Whole systems based asthma care

    Commissioners work with partners across a locality to ensure holistic and integrated asthma care for children and young people (CYP) across the pathway, from prevention and self-management to in-hospital and out-of-hospital care. This section includes guidance and practical resources to support NHS commissioners, public health and local authorities and others to care for CYP with asthma […]

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  6. Transition

    Transition is the process of moving from children and young people’s asthma services to adult services. This includes a preparation period, transfer of care to adult service and continues until the young person has engaged with the adult service, rather than just describing the point at which care transfers to the adult service. It should […]

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  7. Self management

    Guidance is for clinicians working with children and young people to support patients to manage their condition What is self-care? Self-care is defined as an active partnership between the patient and the system. It’s about both long- and short-term conditions and not just about medical care. Additional resources Wessex Academic Health Science Network:  Owning My […]

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  8. Diagnosis

    There is a need to improve asthma identification and access to treatment to improve quality of life for patients. Diagnosis is difficult as there is no single diagnostic test, but it should be in line with BTS/Sign guidelines. NHS England’s National Bundle of Care for children and young people with asthma sets out a series of […]

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