Resources for families

The Air pollution and You Checklist, developed by North East London, is a downloadable PDF that can be shared with patients and families. It has easy graphics to help children, young people (CYP) and their families understand the simple actions they can take to avoid air pollution.

Families can sign up for free air pollution messages via text or email. This includes forecasts for Greater London, including air quality, UV, pollen and temperature.

This video, aimed at CYP and their families, has been produced by North Central London. It describes what air pollution is and how to limit exposure it, alongside tips for good asthma management. It is available with captions in Arabic, Bengali, Polish, Somali, Turkish and Spanish as well as English. On the same page, you can find a poster, patient information leaflet and other resources.

This video outlines potential indoor triggers for asthma, with useful information to help families address them.

This short video – available with and without captions – also describes five simple actions that families can take to reduce their exposure to air pollution.

Impact of inhalers. London’s Children and Young People’s Asthma Pharmacy Group, a subgroup of the London Asthma Leadership and Implementation Group, have developed two patient information leaflets on inhalers and the green agenda. These detail what young asthma patients and their families can do to protect the environment and how professionals can inform themselves and advise their patients in relation to the environmental impact of inhalers: