Guidelines and pathways

This section is intended for clinicians caring for children with asthma in primary care, community care, hospital or tertiary care setting. It outlines best practice examples of guidelines and pathways. Innovative whole pathways of care, including specialist outreach, and moving care closer to home to deliver all required services, are key to integrating care.


London Asthma Leadership and Implementation Group for CYP (LALIG) statements

  • Oximetry: There is evidence that pulse oximetry in people with brown or black skin tones may underestimate the level of hypoxia; the oximeter companies are aware of this and working on possible solutions. Therefore, clinicians should not rely on oximetry alone and assessments of people with asthma should include a thorough assessment including respiratory and pulse rate and lung function. Please find a statement on the use of oximetry for people with brown or black skin tones which has been agreed for London.
  • The use of peak expiratory flow in personalised asthma action plans

National guidelines


Guidelines from London ICSs