Psychological Resilience Toolkit

This toolkit has been developed for London’s Integrated Care Systems to help inform local models of mental health and wellbeing support for staff, particularly in response to COVID-19.

It is structured around a set of guideline principles compiled by a group of clinical and academic experts from across London, based on evidence based care and best practice models.

This toolkit supports the ambitions set out within the:

How to use this toolkit

This toolkit provides examples for local ICSs to use to support the development of their mental health and wellbeing support for health and social care staff. It is important that the development of the mental health and wellbeing offers is driven locally at an ICS level:

  • To coordinate, complement and add value to the work already developed
  • For staff to recognise the support that is available to them and gain confidence and trust that initiatives are being developed to support their needs.

The intention of the toolkit is that it will evolve as mental health and wellbeing hubs and support offers evolve; the toolkit will be updated as and when learning becomes available.