Bowel screening awareness campaign

Organisation: NHS England London

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We supported the “Your next poo could save your life” campaign to increase bowel cancer screening uptake in London. We provided strategic guidance, coordinated agencies and engaged NHS partners to achieve an effective rollout. We also developed digital content, a PR plan, a communications toolkit, and secured brand partnerships.

The impact of our work

The campaign achieved positive media coverage across London, including BBC London News, and was widely shared by stakeholders including the NHS and the Mayor’s office. This led to a potential reach of 1.8-2 million on Twitter.  69% of people surveyed after the campaign said they had used and returned their bowel cancer screening kit – a statistically significant increase from 63% before the campaign.

Campaign launch Tweet from NHS England London "Today we're launching our bowel cancer screening campaign to encourage Londoners who receive a screening text kit to use it and return it. Together we can stop cancer before it starts. Visit to find out more."
View the launch Tweet and video here.

Campaign examples

"Your next poo could save your life" campaign poster with image of toilet roll and text "if you receive a bowel screening kit, use it. You could stop cancer before it starts. Link to the NHS bowel cancer screening site.
Image of Dr Shraddha with text "it's time to talk about bowel cancer. The bowel cancer screening kit could stop cancer before it starts' Link to the NHS bowel cancer screening site.
Image of George Alagiah, BBC broadcaster and text "People are worried about going to the doctor, but these simple NHS bowel cancer screening test are done at home and could save your life"

Find out more

Find more of the campaign content and information on how you can use a bowel cancer screening kit at the NHS Bowel Cancer Screening site.

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