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A snapshot of how Good Thinking supported Londoners over the past year and what we’ve learned over the past year

Good Thinking, London’s digital mental wellbeing service, has published an Insights report summarising the range of activities and support provided to Londoners between March 2020 and March 2021. The report includes information about how Londoners are using the service, and how it has adapted throughout the different stages of the pandemic. It also demonstrates how the content and resources have been refined to suit certain population and faith groups.

Since Good Thinking’s launch in 2017, over 500,000 Londoners have visited the website to access help and support. This is expected to grow with the launch of the new Children and young people section of the website now live.

The arrival and impact of COVID-19 has meant that 2020 and the beginning of 2021 have been exceptionally challenging for all Londoners, the health and care services and on businesses. The Good Thinking team worked with the rest of the health and care system to provide Londoners with support throughout every stage of the pandemic. Due to the agility of the service, it was possible to adapt and create content quickly and ensure it was live and updated for Londoners when they needed it most.

Between Jan 14 – Mar 14 2020 Good Thinking attracted 17,278 new users to the site and in the same time period Jan 14 – Mar 14 2021, 40,333 new users accessed the service. An increase of 230% in the same time period, due to more awareness of the site and potentially more people seeking support to manage their mental health.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan said, “I’m so grateful to colleagues within the NHS, Public Health and Local Authorities who have worked tirelessly to develop and refresh the Good Thinking website to ensure it has the right content and material. As this report highlights, the way in which the service was able to rapidly provide tools to manage anxiety, trauma, bereavement and much more shows that by forming partnerships and working together we can ensure Londoners get the help they need.

‘We must also continue to build on these important initiatives and ideas, and – as a city – carry on working together to make sure that all Londoners are able to access the help and care they need, whenever they need it.”

Read the Good Thinking Insights Report here

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