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We have a shared ambition to make London the world’s healthiest global city, and the best global city in which to receive health and care services.

We know we need to work together across public services and wider society, both to make the most of opportunities for good health and tackle issues that cause poor health and health inequalities.  The London Vision sets out our shared priorities as a partnership and will guide us as we design London-wide and local action together with Londoners.

The Vision represents a major milestone in our partnership.  It builds on significant collaborative work over several years through which we have achieved things like a new social movement for better mental health (Thrive LDN), the first London Estates Strategy, and much more.

It is the beginning of a conversation about the next phase of this collaborative work, and an important invitation to professionals, partner organisations, the community and voluntary sector and members of the public – to discuss and debate it with us.

Key areas of focus

We have identified 10 areas of focus where we believe partnership action is needed at a pan-London level.  Details about them can be downloaded on this page.

What happens next?

  • We want to continue to talk to all our partners (professionals, partner organisations, the community and voluntary sector and members of the public) about how we collectively take forward its ambitions and objectives
  • We want to hear about how we can refine, develop and strengthen our proposals. Together we can work towards ensuring a healthy future for all Londoners.
  • We invite your specific reflections and comments on any aspect of the Vision, which can be sent to us at: