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Councillor Zulfiqar Ali


Cabinet Lead for Health & Adult Social Care, Newham Council In this video, Councillor Zulfiqar Ali talks about the importance of finding support if you or anyone you know is struggling with their mental health and wellbeing.

Imam Yunus Dudhwala

Head of Chaplaincy, Barts Health NHS Trust In this video, Imam Yunus Dudhwala shares how connecting with Allah and with people can improve your mental wellbeing.

Zuzana Khan

NHS Nurse In this video, Zuzana Khan shares how being physically active can improve your mental wellbeing.

Zara Mohammed

Secretary-General, Muslim Council of Britain In this video from Zara Mohammed shares her thoughts on wellbeing and Islam.

Ramona Aly

Journalist and Broadcaster In this video Ramona Aly shares how learning something new every day can improve your mental wellbeing.

Imam Hassan Abdullahi

NHS Chaplain, UCLH In this video Imam Hassan Abdullahi shares how paying attention to the present moment can improve your mental wellbeing.

Dr Shahzada Khan

Diabetes Clinical Lead, Newham CCG In this video Dr Shahzada Khan shares how giving to others can improve your mental wellbeing.

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