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  1. In Islam, mental health is a very important aspect of a person’s well-being, as it is essential to living a healthy and balanced life. This spiritual month of Ramadan, we encourage you to share this video.
  2. For those of us who may be facing mental health issues, or are coping with anxiety and negativity, one of the many ways that we may try to overcome these challenges, is to take a balanced approach of both spirituality and practicality. Be aware of your mental health and wellbeing. For more information, visit
  3. The issue of mental health is real and should not be taken lightly. For those who are facing any kind of mental health issues, do not be afraid and seek professional help. There is no harm and shame in doing this, there’s always help around the corner. For more information, visit
  4. NHS 5 Ways to Wellbeing – an Islamic Perspective

    ✅Developed by Good Thinking working with Muslim communities

    ✅Lots of excellent resources; short inspiring videos, animations and translated resources too

    ✅Launched in the blessed month of Ramadan to inspire you to continue improving your wellbeing throughout the year.

    For more information, visit

  5. Listen to Sarwat Tasneem founder of 14-Consulting sharing her journey to finding mental health support by focusing on the things that matter.
  6. Listen to NHS Nurse Zuzana Khan, sharing how being physically active can improve your mental wellbeing.
  7. Listen to Zara Mohammed, Secretary-General, Muslim Council of Britain shares her thoughts on wellbeing and Islam.
  8. Listen to Remona Aly, Journalist and Broadcaster shares how learning something new every day can improve your mental wellbeing.
  9. Listen to Imam Hassan Abdullahi, NHS chaplain at UCLH shares how paying attention to the present moment can improve your mental wellbeing.
  10. Listen to Dr Shahzada Khan, Diabetes Clinical Lead, Newham CCG shares how giving to others can improve your mental wellbeing.
  11. Listen to Imam Yunus Dudhwala, Head of Chaplaincy, Barts Health NHS Trust shares how giving to others can improve your mental wellbeing.

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