What happens after my vaccination?

The vaccine is just one tool in our toolbox to prevent COVID-19. We must continue to use every tool available to tackle the virus including:

  • Continuing to wear PPE
  • Continuing to follow infection prevention and control guidance
  • Continuing with testing
  • Continuing to follow guidance if anyone has symptoms of COVID-19
  • Download the NHS App, as you will be able to demonstrate your Covid-19 vaccination history with it

You can find lots of useful information on ensuring safety for staff and residents in the COVID care home resource pack

  • Lowering rates and easing restrictions are partly thanks to the precautions taken by everyone. We need to be careful to continue with these.
  • Vaccination, though highly effective, is not 100% effective. Scientists are still investigating variants which are still circulating to understand how these will affect people or spread.
  • As restrictions in the community lift, enhanced infection prevention and control standards and testing in care homes must be maintained.
  • Most people vaccinated will develop immunity after approximately three weeks. Since protection is not 100%, anyone with new symptoms or testing positive should be managed as an infectious case. They will still need to self-isolate and take all the same precautions that they would following a positive result before vaccination to avoid spreading the virus.