COVID-19 outbreaks

A COVID-19 outbreak is defined as two or more cases in the care home  – residents and/or staff

If there is an outbreak, the COVID-19 vaccine should be offered to residents and staff, with the aim of achieving high uptake as quickly as possible.

Vaccination against COVID may be temporarily deferred for some residents/staff e.g. if unwell or still within four weeks of onset of COVID symptoms. However other staff and residents should still have the vaccine during this time, if possible.

A risk assessment should be carried out by the lead vaccinator and care home manager. If needed, advice should be sought from others such as the local health protection team.

The risk may include:

  • The number of covid-19 cases and suspected cases
  • Whether the outbreak is emerging or resolving
  • Your ability to isolate residents
  • The environment and space for the vaccine e.g. isolating by floor

For further information, see guidance for vaccination in care homes that have cases and outbreaks