Charlie Waller Memorial Trust

The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust runs a wide range of training for school staff and for young people.

Their trainers all have expertise in mental health and are teachers, clinicians, academics or have lived experience of mental health problems. Trainers draw on the latest research, clinical practice and the experiences of pupils and staff to provide high quality, targeted training. They will discuss the individual school’s needs, deliver the training and help them to develop a whole-school approach to wellbeing.

​The trainer will ascertain your requirements as a school and advise what would best suit the school with regards to training. They will want to know what you’re already doing regarding mental wellbeing so that our training complements it.​

They can provide sessions for staff, parents and pupils, but if they are speaking to pupils directly they advise that all staff should receive training on mental health as well. This ensures they have the skills and confidence to have any conversations that may arise as a result of the pupil sessions.