The Peer Listening Scheme has been developed at the school to encourage children who are experiencing anxiety or other difficulties an opportunity to speak to peers.

The Peer Listeners are recruited from all age ranges within the school. The Peer Listeners are offered training through school staff. They operate a rota and are present in the school playground, wearing bright orange vests to identify them. There is a room available for private conversations should children wish this. If children would like to make an appointment to speak to a Peer Listener, then they can also do this through a self-referral form.

Staff members are available during the lunch hour to offer support and guidance to the Peer Listeners. These staff members have also received training on issues such as confidentiality.

The scheme has been fully operational since April 2018 and already more than 20 children have made use of the service. It is offering valuable support to children and also offers real opportunities for Peer Listeners to develop skills and confidence. The school see this as a very visible way of showing that they are encouraging children to talk about their feelings and that they will be supported.

For details contact: Project Co-ordinator, Sharon Goldstone: