The CUES-Ed programme has been developed by Clinical Psychologists and CBT Therapists from the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust.

This innovative cognitive behaviour therapy programme is delivered to whole classes in Key Stage 2 as part of their normal school day. So far it been delivered to over 4,000 children across schools in Southwark , Croydon and Lewisham. It has yielded consistently good outcomes for the whole class and for those whose scores on self-report measures suggest they are more vulnerable. Across the 8 weekly sessions, delivered by highly skilled CAMHS practitioners, the children learn  cognitive strategies and simple but effective behavioural techniques through fun hands-on activities that make abstract concepts more concrete and memorable.  Teaching staff remain present and are encouraged to promote and practise the CUES-Ed techniques outside of the sessions with the help of a bespoke workbook and interactive website.  Their involvement is key to success.

CUES-Ed helps children to recognise how they feel, think and behave and to learn how to talk about this with others.  It encourages children to notice the signs (cues!) when things aren’t right – such as an increase in worry, a change in appetite or sleep patterns and difficulties with friendship groups.  Flexible and adaptive responses to difficulties are promoted, including self-regulation as well as support-seeking and recognising when extra help is needed – encouraging children to learn the skills that can help build their resilience from an early age.  Every stage of our development has been shaped by feedback from children and teachers, enabling us to create a programme that is accessible and acceptable for children and meets the key priorities for mental health support in schools.

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The team would be really pleased to talk to commissioners or schools on how the programme can be delivered within and beyond the SLaM area.

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