Bromley Y has been commissioned by Public Health to provide a consultation service to all schools in Bromley and this has been taken up by the great majority in the Borough.

Bromley Y is a long established local charity offering free therapeutic support to young people between the ages of 0 – 18 years.

For primary settings, Bromley Y offer support on a cluster basis, which enables school staff to have mutual support.

The charity is the single point of access service for children and young people’s emotional and mental wellbeing in the borough.  Children and Young People are referred in, their difficulties are screened and it is then decided how best we can support the young person and their family. This could be through therapeutic support at Bromley Y Wellbeing or signposting to a more appropriate local service. Schools are well informed about the service.

Services provided

They offer a range of services that can be commissioned by schools in Bromley, offering a bespoke package including:

  • 1-1 therapeutic interventions
  • Small group work
  • Drop-ins
  • workshops for parents and workshops for students
  • Staff consultation
  • Staff supervision
  • Staff training