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This section of the toolkit has been created to support professionals in education settings with mental health issues in relation to LGBTIQ+ and Mental Health.

Resources include a range of advice on how to deal with situations and signpost to services that can help students.

LGBTIQ+ and Mental Health resources for education settings

The Proud Trust: Schools and Training

  • The Proud Trust offers training opportunities for teachers and other youth professionals, in schools, colleges, and other youth settings, to equip them in being fully LGBT+ inclusive in their practice, policy, and curriculum. They also provide free resources for primary and secondary schools.

Toolkit: LGBT Teaching Resources for all Key Stages

  • JustLikeUs has a free toolkit for educational settings which has a multitude of LGBT teaching resources. You can access this toolkit by creating a free acount. You can also sign up for their school diversity week taking place from 20-24th June 2022. They note that ‘Positive LGBT+ messaging is linked to school pupils having better wellbeing, regardless of whether they’re LGBT+ or not’.

The Trevor Project

  • The Trevor Project provides 24/7 crisis support services to LGBTQ young people. You can sign up to their newsletter, explore different topics and also ‘meet friends’ by joining their international community.

Mentally Healthy Schools: How you can support LGBTQI+ young people in educational settings

  • Anna Freud Centre provides information on the term LGBTQI+ children and young people. It discusses how identifying this way may affect children’s mental health and how further education settings can support these students.

e-Learning for Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Wellbeing

  • Stonewall worked in partnership with YoungMinds to develop this course, which will help you to improve mental health and wellbeing outcomes for the LGBTQ+ young people you work with. Please note this is a paid course however the places are flexible and affordable.

What educational settings can do to support Gender Diversity

  • Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families, advises educational settings on what they can do to support young people questioning their gender identity. They explain what Gender diversity/nonconformity and what Gender dysphoria refers to and they provide tips on how to help young people feel more included.

Stonewall: Best Practice Toolkits and Resources

  • Stonewalls toolkits and resources support educational professionals, to get started on LGBTQ+ inclusive work, build on existing work or developing practice. They have policy templates, posters, lesson packs and more.

Schools Out UK

  • Schools Out is a UK national charity campaigning to make schools safe spaces for LGBT+ people as students, teaching and support staff, parents and carers and school leadership. Schools Out also manage and deliver LGBT History Month in the UK – visit for more information and resources.

The Classroom

  • The Classroom is an online resource created to help teachers include the LGBT+ experience in their lessons. Resources are free to download; site users can also upload their own.

How to support LGBT+ young people to stay safe online

  • ThinkuKnow provides information on how you can help support young people to stay safe online. This includes information on addressing LGBT experiences in PSHE, making sure they understand where to report concerns, and where to signpost them to further support.

LGBTQ+ Youth in Care Resources

  • LGBTQ+ youth in care is developed by a group of young people, care leavers, professionals and organisations who are all committed to improving the lives of LGBTQ+ people in care. Here you can find toolkits for trans youth, foster carers or adopters, video resources and leaflets. Meet the network or become a member yourself.

Stonewall: Resources to support LGBT children and young people in education

  • Stonewall resource to help you get started in supporting young LGBT children and young people to thrive in education. The downloadable PDF guide provides advice on What are schools, colleges and settings required to do, individual support, working with SEND and more.


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