Time to change

Time to Change offers a variety of campaign-style resources you can use to promote messages that can reduce stigma associated with mental health. The campaign aims to encourage more people to be open about our mental health and to start conversations with those who might need support. It offers a variety of resources to target people of all ages, including blogs and personal stories by and for young people.

Young Minds – Amplified Project Report

As part of the Mental Health in Schools Project, Young Minds worked together with Healthy London Partnership to:

  • Collect existing pupil insights work from London schools around mental health and analyse these to identify key themes
  • Facilitate a workshop session to review these insights and develop a top ten summary of ways young people want schools to support their mental health

The top ten insights are:

  1. Every pupil knows who is responsible for and can help with mental health issues
  2. Every adult n the school offers a good first response if I say or show I am struggling with my mental health
  3. Bullying is dealt with effectively
  4. Empower us to understand and take a role in caring for our mental health
  5. Extra support for pupils that are struggling
  6. Emotional and practical support during busy, stressful times
  7. A place to go on hard days
  8. Signposting to support in our area and beyond
  9. Pupil involvement in making the school more mentally healthy
  10. Recognising us as individuals