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Commissioning cost-effective services for promotion of mental health and wellbeing and prevention of mental Ill-health  – Public Health England

This document covers the commissioning of mental health services across all age ranges. There are two detailed case studies of services based within schools. One is on addressing bullying and one is on social and emotional learning programmes. The document was published in 2017.

Commissioning futures: a guide for schools (full report) – Young Foundation

This document, published in 2018, is not specifically related to commissioning mental health provision, but does give advice and tools on commissioning principles. The document is based on how to commission to improve attainment and address inequalities, all of which are relevant


The Thrive model has been developed as a way of thinking about mental health services different and to rive their improvement. It is a set of core principles, moving away from the traditional way of thinking about mental health services in terms of tiers