This page offers information to support London schools to engage individuals or organisations (or both) at the school to provide counselling services. It includes a financial evaluation assessing the benefits these services can bring to young people.

Counselling in schools: a blueprint for the future – Department of Education

This non-statutory guidance gives school leaders some advice on those issues to consider when setting up and commissioning counselling services within a school.

School-based Counselling Operating Toolkit – Welsh Assembly Government

This guidance contains useful information on the issues that schools should consider when commissioning organisations or individuals to provide counselling, such as clarity on respective roles, safeguarding, confidentiality and recording. It is a Welsh/English bilingual document, the English version starts on p.121.

Commissioning Counselling Services – Youth Action

This document gives advice on issues to consider when commissioning counselling services for young people aged 13-25. It sets out the evidence to support why counselling can be effective and gives some practice examples. There is some advice on what should be considered when commissioning and ‘commissioning for quality.’