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These standards have been developed by tour Children and Young People’s Critical Care Pathway Group. It supplements the revised Paediatric Intensive Care Society (PICS) Standards (2010).

It provides formal standards for Paediatric Critical Care Level 1 and 2 specifically within a district general hospital (DGH) environment and once implemented, will address the inequalities across London in service provision.

This guide is for NHS Trusts as a self-assessment exercise to determine whether current paediatric critical care services meet appropriate standards. Commissioners can use this as a commissioning tool to guide their decisions about service provision and quality assurance.

Paediatric critical care in practice

London clinicians are encouraged to use our e-learning portal ‘Paediatric Critical Care in Practice‘ to develop their knowledge and achieve the quality of care set out in the London’s Paediatric Critical Care: Level 1 and 2 Standards.