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This framework seeks to establish the most pressing workforce challenges in London and enable the workforce to transform health and social care services across the Capital.

The development of this London Workforce Strategic Framework has been made possible through the establishment of a collaborative workforce transformation programme on behalf of London’s clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), NHS England (London Region) and Health Education England, through Transformation Partners in Health and Care. This has been supported by partners from across the system through the London Workforce Programme Board, Delivery Group and Senate.

Online resources are available to support you to implement the framework

We are also indebted to stakeholders across the system who have been involved in the development and review of this London Workforce Strategic Framework. We thank clinical leadership groups and boards, workforce steering groups, the London HR directors group, the London nurse directors group, the London social partnership forum, the London clinical senate and many others who have given their time to inform, challenge and clarify the workforce challenges and potential solutions relating to their area of expertise. We want to recognise over 1000 stakeholders who have been involved to date.

We think this framework outlines the strategic areas of focus for workforce action that will best enable the transformation of health and social care services that are local to you. This document is the foundation for strategic workforce planning in London going forward, and provides you with a guide to inform the development of your local multi-partner workforce transformation plans across London. We believe it also supports a continued dialogue across the capital to promote the development of local solutions, enable common issues to be addressed once, and to provide a coherent voice to solve London’s workforce challenges.