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London children talk about health:

Full film:

Shorter clips of London children talking about:

What do you like to eat?

What activities do you like?

What does being healthy mean to you?

What does being unhealthy mean to you?

Is it easy to be healthy?

London professionals talk about childhood obesity and the Great Weight Debate:

1. Why we need a Great Weight Debate about childhood obesity

Danny Ruta, Chair of the London Obesity Leadership Group and Director of Public Health in Lewisham, talks about the need for a London conversation on childhood obesity and how we’re living in an abnormal environment where it’s easier to put on weight than stay a healthy size.

2. The Great Weight Debate – access to healthy food

Jo Murfitt, Director of Public Health for NHS England (London Region) talks about what she would like to see discussed in the great weight debate – access to healthy food for people on low incomes.

3. Chair of the London Food Board on the Great Weight Debate

Rosie Boycott, Chair of the London Food Board from the Mayor of London’s office, talking about the need for industry to be involved in the Great Weight Debate.

4. Why the NHS is in the Great Weight Debate:

Sarah Price, Chief Executive of Haringey CCG and one of Healthy London Partnership’s Senior Responsible Officers talks about why the NHS is leading on the Great Weight Debate with other partners.

The Great Weight Debate:

Londoners talk about childhood obesity and share their ideas at London’s first Great Weight Debate: