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This report sets out the findings from an independent evaluation of the Great Weight Debate that invited all Londoners to share their views on how children in the capital could be supported to lead healthier lives.

The Great Weight Debate aimed to raise awareness of the levels of childhood obesity in London and provide an opportunity to speak with Londoners and experts to hear their views and recommendations on reducing the levels of childhood obesity in London.

We wanted an independent evaluation of the Great Weight Debate results so we commissioned PHAST, an  independent public health research team, to carry this out. They also looked at additional evidence and asked expert opinion to make recommendations for pan-London action.

The findings are being used to inform every London borough’s childhood obesity action plan and also informed the devolution deal for London, which now puts the capital in a stronger position to tackle the childhood obesity crisis.

The Great Weight Debate, which launched in February 2016, was coordinated by Healthy London Partnership and led by local authorities at a local level, with support from the London Obesity Leadership Group, London’s NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups, the Greater London Authority, NHS England (London), and Public Health England (London).