PPE and escalating your supply issues

How to access additional support to order PPE supplies [ COVID-19Care Home Resource PackPPE & escalating supply issues.pptx – missing resource ]

Personal Protective Equipment Strategy

Admission and Care of Patients in a Care Home during COVID-19

Donning and doffing

Different types of PPE are worn depending on the type of work people do and the setting in which they work, for further support and guidance click here COVID-19Care Home Resource PackDonning & Doffing.pptx

How to put on and take off your PPE

Further resources

COVID-19 personal protective equipment (PPE)

Care after death – PPE and IPC

Using PPE and Infection Prevention Controls for care after death, advice and guidance [ COVID-19Care Home Resource PackCare after death – using PPE and IPC.pptx – missing resource ]

Guidance for care of the deceased with suspected or confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19)

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