Page updated 20/09/2023

You can find a range of resources and information below for children and young people who are, or may be, struggling with an eating disorder.


BEAT Eating Disorders

BEAT is an eating disorder charity, and this webpage provides information on how to manage eating disorders and what support services are available during this time.

How to cope with an eating disorder during lockdown

  • Molly who is a fundraiser for The Mix, provides advice on 12 ways to deal with an eating disorder during lockdown. She also provides links to Instagram accounts that spread positive messages that can help during this time.

How to manage eating disorders

  • 10 tips from Good Thinking on how to manage eating disorders. This also provides information on BEAT, their services and how they can help.

Learning self-compassion after recovery

  • Maria Sharp, an ambassador for The Mix and student, provides advice on how to learn to be self-compassionate after recovery. She gives advice on the road to recovery and what to do next.

Recovering from an eating disorder

  • Rachel Elder who is an ambassador with The Mix (support service for young people) talks about recovering from an earing disorder, the reality of recovery, taking the leap and where to seek professional help for this.

Q&A on Eating Disorders

  • This Good Thinking page provides you with a Q&A on what the symptoms are, what types of eating disorders exist, next steps and how you can support someone you know who is suffering from this.

What is Otherwise Specified Feeding or Eating Disorder?

  • Molly who is a volunteer at First Steps ED (an eating disorder charity) explains what OSFED is, what symptoms are, Molly’s own experience with it and where to get support.

Worry about weight and eating problems

  • The Royal College of Psychiatrists provide advice on worries about weight for young people. This webpage has information on how to stay at a healthy weight, what causes problems with eating, signs of an eating disorder and how to get help.


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