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Children and young people’s health services in London: a case for change

This report outlines the case for change for regional work on improving life outcomes for all of London’s children and young people.

This document is aimed at planners, commissioners and providers of healthcare services for children and young people. It is written to help commissioners and providers prepare and develop their local plans, to implement the children and young people’s element of the NHS Long Term Plan.

Why do we need a case for change?

This document is a refresh of the 2014 Case for Change for Child Health in light of the recent NHS Long Term Plan and the London health and care vision to start well, live well and age well. It describes some of the achievements since its publication, the continuing issues facing young Londoners, and sets out the aspirations for London to become a truly ‘baby, child and young person friendly city’. This will involve working in integrated teams to enable:

  • Implementation of the NHS England Long Term Plan
  • Systematised integrated care and access to primary, maternity, acute and specialist services
  • Primary care networks to build capacity and deliver a significantly increased range of support and services in primary care
  • Continued raising of standards of care within acute, mental health and community services for children, young people and their families
  • Integration of mental and physical wellbeing to be core to all healthcare delivery
  • Transformation of services for adolescents, including expansion of mental health services to cover up to age 25

Across the system we need to support CYP and their families to live healthier lives, and promote and improve physical and mental well-being through a greater focus on:

  • Increasing our prevention and disease management approaches
  • Improving pathways that will benefit patients, families and staff
  • Transforming, supporting and educating our workforce
  • Ensuring high quality financially sustainable services

This document places children and young people at the centre of these changes. It advocates working with them as partners, utilising their energy, passion and enthusiasm. This will lead to a healthy future with the NHS, local authorities, other public bodies and the third sector, working together to deliver a healthier generation of children and young people.

Please find a slide set to support the children and young people’s refreshed case for change to help you share the case for change locally.